Going Hoboing

10 thoughts on “Going Hoboing”

  1. Loving the blog, video would be a good start, I keep telling everyone to watch casey neistat to get an idea for how to make a daily vlog interesting. Seeing the world through the eyes of Keji would be awesome. Also a running track of nuns in public would be hilarious.


    1. Thanks Alv, I’ve been recording bits of video here and there, just got to pull my finger out and see what I can do with it. The counting nuns business is dead you know, I haven’t seen any for aaaaages! But maybe going to more places will increase my chances


  2. Loved the blog Kadedeji, good luck with your travels ,Ive always wanted do something similar but probably Left it to late at 50 Uhm plus so would love to read your future blogS . The women’s travel website Thelma& louise that has a lot of info .that u may find useful.
    looking forward to catching up with u in Mallorca .x Sonia


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